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Comparing some characteristics of fresh, frozen and canned strawberries

Published in Scientific Bulletin. Series F. Biotechnologies, Vol. XVI
Written by Raluca NĂSTASE, Mira TURTOI, Mihaela GHIDURUS

We evaluated sensorial, physic-chemical and microbiological characteristics of fresh, frozen and canned strawberries. The sensorial analysis consisted in aspect, aroma and texture evaluation; the physic-chemical parameters analysed were: pH and water activity and the microbiological parameters were yeasts and moulds. All samples were purchased from the market, frozen strawberries packed in plastic bags, in air atmosphere and canned strawberries packed in metal recipients, in sugar syrup. Sensorial analysis was made by untrained panellists. All samples were smashed into a Stomacher before analysing from the physic-chemical and microbiological point of view. pH was determined using a INOLAB 720 WTW series pH-meter equipped with a Sen Tix Sp Spear immersion electrode and water activity was analysed using a Novasina LabMaster AW device. Yeasts and moulds number was evaluated using SR ISO 7954. From the sensorial point of view, fresh strawberries had the highest scores for aspect and texture and the most tasteful sample was canned strawberries due to sugar syrup. Most acid samples were those of frozen strawberries and most basic ones were those of canned strawberries. Water activity registered the highest value for fresh strawberries and for canned and frozen samples values were very similar. Yeasts and moulds had the lowest values for canned strawberries, followed by frozen and fresh strawberries.

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