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Published in Scientific Bulletin. Series F. Biotechnologies, Vol. XIX
Written by Caterina Tomulescu, Misu Moscovici, Alexandra Ghiorghita, Maria Petrescu, Mariana Vladu, Radu Tamaian, Adrian Vamanu

This paper presents the results of preliminary experiments in order to obtain biologically active substances through biosynthesis, by using microorganisms isolated from various biotopes in Romania. The main research objective is defined by a bioprospecting study on some bacterial, yeast and fungi strains, aiming at the selection of those with biotechnological potential in producing lipolytic and amylolytic enzymes. After collecting and processing the various nature originated samples (soil, sand, mud, water, plant material) for the isolation of industrial importance microorganisms, a total of 104 microbial strains, including 70 bacteria, 10 yeasts and 24 fungi, were obtained. For the isolation and identification of the microorganism groups/species, the decimal serial dilutions technique on specific agar media was used; some bacterial strains were identified by MALDI-TOF mass-spectrometry. In order to select lipase and amylase producing microorganisms, some screenings were performed, using different solid media formulas containing inductors such as Tween80 and Tributyrin, starch respectively. Positive results were noticed for 66 strains - clear or opaque areas were observed around the colonies, formed due to enzymatic hydrolysis. Further experiments are to be conducted only with those microorganisms that demonstrated enzymatic activity (considering the diameter of the clear or opaque areas of hydrolysis) for all of the culture media compositions.

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