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The influence of growth regulators concentrations on in vitro micropropagation of Ribes rubrum species

Published in Scientific Bulletin. Series F. Biotechnologies, Vol. XVI
Written by Carmen Gabriela MANOLE, Viorica BĂLAN, Ioana Claudia MENCINICOPSCHI, Diana GOLEA, Steliana RODINO, Alina BUTU

In vitro cultures have found in a short time many practical applications, including genetic improvement of crop species, the multiplication of valuable genotypes, free virus propagation of existent vegetal stocks and conservation of genetic resources. In the present study we aimed to undertake a basic and simple protocol for in vitro micropropagation of Ribes rubrum considering the influence of various concentrations of growth regulators. There were used six variants (M1 ÷ M6) of half-strength MS medium supplemented with growth regulators, as follows: M1 (BA 0.2 mg/l and IBA 0.01 mg/), M2 (BA 0.4 mg/l, IBA 0.02 mg/l and GA3 0.1 mg/l), M3 (BA 0.4 mg/l, IBA 0.02 mg/ and GA3 0.2 mg/l), M4 (BA 0.15 mg/l, IBA 0.015 mg/l and GA3 0.15 mg/l), M5 (BA 0.5 mg/l) and M6 (BA 1 mg/l). The best medium for obtaining micro shoots was half-strength M3 medium. Therefore, the highest rate of in vitro shoot proliferation and elongation was obtained by using combination BA/IBA/GA3 as growth regulators.

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