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New screening methods for evaluation of Fusarium sporulation inhibition by Bacillus biocontrol strains

Published in Scientific Bulletin. Series F. Biotechnologies, Vol. XVI
Written by Oana-Alina SICUIA, Florin OANCEA, Călina-Petruţa CORNEA

In vitro antagonistic activity of microorganisms is the first approach in the selection of biocontrol microbial strains. The method usually used in this direction is the double culture technique. This method has been improved, in time, in order to be more relevant for the inhibition of some pathogenic growth. However, pathogenic growth reduction is not sufficient in agricultural systems. The vegetative growth inhibition must be complemented by suppression of resistant and/or spreading forms of the pathogens so that the probability of pathogen dissemination will be reduced. Due to these requirements we propose new screening methods to determine the sporulation inhibition, using Fusarium species as a model. Within this study we demonstrated the functionality of these new methods using Bacillus biocontrol strains. The methods are based on the quantification of spores formation, spores dissemination and germination when growing the fungus together with the bacterial biocontrol strains.

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