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The effect of the Fusarium sp. attack on the quality parameters of Romanian wheat

Published in Scientific Bulletin. Series F. Biotechnologies, Vol. XVI
Written by Radiana Maria TAMBA-BEREHOIU, Ciprian Nicolae POPA, Stela POPESCU, Alexandru SUCIU

There have been analyzed 102 samples of Romanian wheat, coming from the crops of the years 2007-2011, in order to assess the influence of the Fusarium sp. attack on the main quality parameters. In this respect, there have been analyzed the following physical and chemical parameters: Hectolitre mass (kg/hl), Moisture (%), Protein content (%), Wet gluten content (%), Falling Number (sec), Gluten deformation (mm), Gluten Index, as well as the Content of kernels attacked by Fusarium (%). The Fusarium attack ranged from 0.1% to 4.5% and was characterized by very high variability. The evaluation of Fusarium attack was made through the Spearman statistical test, which showed its significant influence on the amylase activity of wheat (expressed by the parameter Falling Number, r = -0.22 *) and on the proteolytic activity (expressed by the Gluten deformation, r = -0.28 *).

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