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A new biotechnological medium for biotransformation of substrates with different water-solubility

Published in Scientific Bulletin. Series F. Biotechnologies, Vol. XVI
Written by Melania-Liliana ARSENE, Mihaela DONI, Luiza JECU, Emilia OCNARU, Gelu VASILESCU

Reverse micellar system (RMS) provide an excellent medium for nonaqueous biocatalytic studies, being used for enzymatic conversion of aqua-low-solubility reactants. RMS is characterized by hydration degree, w0, defined as the molar ratio of water and surfactant. This parameter induce most of the structural and physico-chemical properties of RMS, being more important even then the absolute quantity of water or surfactant in the system. The reaction of alcohol oxidase from Hansenula polymorpha solubilized in AOT-isooctane reverse micelles was used as a small scale model, both for experimental study and theoretical discussions. The potential of the new reaction medium for biotransformation-catalyzed alcohol oxidase was evaluated using substrates with different hydrophilic / hydrophobic balance. The efficiency of the bioconversion of aliphatic alcohols in RMS has been analyzed.

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