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Research regarding the sensory characteristics of some vegetables

Published in Scientific Bulletin. Series F. Biotechnologies, Vol. XVI
Written by Manuela Adriana COSTACHE, Gheorghe CÂMPEANU, Gabriela NEAŢĂ

Fruit and vegetables quality is an extremely complex problem, difficult to describe objective. Although the consumer is unable to assess the nutritional quality of a fruit or vegetable, however he is able to make a statement on the sensory aspects such as shape, color, texture, juiciness, firmness, taste and aroma. Consumers often complain about the quality of fruit and vegetables, which are offered through commercial distribution systems. The main complaint relates to taste bad and sometimes its absence. However, when it comes to defining exactly what "taste", the answers obtained are not clear and, in general, are quite divergent. Researches try to define some connections between quantitative and analytical determinations type hedonic sensory analysis. They were directed to analyze the quality of vegetables in two distinct directions, namely the analysis of physicochemical and biochemical characteristics that contribute to the scientific definition of taste: pH, acidity, total carbohydrate content, firmness and sensory analysis on issues such as shape, color, texture, juiciness, firmness, flavor and aroma.

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