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Published in Scientific Bulletin. Series F. Biotechnologies, Vol. XX
Written by Osman GULSEN, Aydin UZUN, Ihsan CANAN

Purpose of this research is to determine the markers controlling carpel number in mandarin. Progenies obtained by hybridization between the Clementine mandarins (C. clementina Hort. ex Tan.) and Orlando tangelos (C. reticulata Blanco x C. Paradise Macf.) have been used in this research. Morphological and molecular marker data were analyzed in SAS software by using GLM and REGRESSION module. Population includes variation in respect to carpel number, which transgressive segregation was observed and distribution was positively skewed. Based onvariance analysis made by using GLM option in SAS software, ten markers were associated with carpel number All loci explained 100% of the variation for carpel number. OPW19.25, a RAPD marker explained 43% of total variation and OPM20.23 explained 22% of total variation. These results revealed that two loci had major effect in respect to carpel number and other loci had a minor effect. This research revealed significant clues about genetic mechanism of carpel number in mandarin fruit. These markers should be further investigated for applicability and conversion to more specific markers such as SCAR and CAP. This was the first report of the genetic mechanism and molecular markers associated with carpel number in citrus.

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