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A REVIEW OF IN VITRO STUDIES ON Allium tuncelianum (Kollman) Ozhatay, Matthew, Siraneci

Published in Scientific Bulletin. Series F. Biotechnologies, Vol. XXIII
Written by Faika YARALI KARAKAN

Allium tuncelianum (Kollman) Ozhatay, Matthew, Siraneci is an endemic plant species only grown in Turkey. Unlike common garlic, it has only one clove bulb and it can also produce fertile flowers and seeds. Due to the similarity of its flavor and taste to Allium sativum, it is called ʻtunceli garlicʼ and ʻovacik garlicʼ in the region. In recent years, the amount of consumption has increased due to revealing the benefits of biochemical content to human health. For this reason, Allium tuncelianum has been collected from nature for domestic and medical purpose by herbalists and local people. So, it is in danger of extinction due to unconscious and over-exploitation from the nature. In recent years, different strategies have been developed to protect Allium tuncelianum from destruction. Germination problems of its seeds have led researchers to use in vitro techniques. These studies focus to develop an efficient protocol for propagation and conservation of this endemic species. In this review, in vitro studies on Allium tuncelianum were evaluated.

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