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Published in Scientific Bulletin. Series F. Biotechnologies, Vol. XXV, Issue 2
Written by Teodora-Cristina CIUCAN, Anca OANCEA, Florentina MATEI

Colostrum is the secretion produced by the mammary gland following parturition and transfers the passive immunity gained by the mother to the baby. Colostrum is a mixture of carbohydrates, proteins, growth factors, blood cells and immunoglobulins. Recent studies suggest that in order to improve the biological function of colostrum it is fermented with kefir grains enhanced with selected yeasts, for the development of new nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products. The symbiotic consortia of microorganism produces bioactive peptides with effects against microbial pathogens, cholesterol-lowering capacity and blood pressure-lowering effects, mainly due to inhibition of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE), antithrombotic and antioxidant activities, opioid, cyto- and immuno-modulatory effects. The present article is a review of the current understanding of the colostrum composition and how it can be improved to an exceptionally safe and useful nutraceutical product.

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