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Published in Scientific Bulletin. Series F. Biotechnologies, Vol. XVII
Written by Alexandra GHIORGHITA, Gheorghe CÂMPEANU, Vasilica MANEA, Misu MOSCOVICI, Eugenia MOCANU, Corina IONESCU

The study of lipolytic enzymes has shown great scientific interest in modern biotechnology researches, due to the discovery of applications such as transesterification and ester stereospecific hydrolysis, used in oil industry, detergents and pharmaceutics. Enzyme catalysis using lipases has been intensely researched since the reaction takes place at regular pressure and 30-40oC, achieving the necessary energy, and reducing at the same time the emergence of unwanted secondary compounds. Lipases used in biotechnology processes are usually microbial in origin and are commercially available, immobilized on different supports. They present the advantage of the possibility of both recycling the biocatalyst and also developing continuous processes. In biotechnological processes, the most exploited lipase is lipase B from Candida antarctica. Given the price of such enzymes, there is a continuous need for novel and better enzymes to be used in biocatalysis reactions. To this purpose, a series of industrial importance strains pertaining to the Microorganisms Collection of the National Institute for Chemical Pharmaceutical Research and Development ICCF Bucharest have been tested in order to determine potential lipase production. The screening was performed on 3 bacterial strains, 16 yeast strains and 14 fungi strains. The microorganisms were grown on several specific lipase inductor media. The enzymes produced by the strains which developed lipolytic activity are to be used later for biodiesel obtainment through biocatalysis.

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