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Published in Scientific Bulletin. Series F. Biotechnologies, Vol. XXI
Written by Radiana-Maria TAMBA-BEREHOIU, Ciprian-Nicolae POPA, Mira Oana TURTOI, Luminița Valerica VIȘAN

The aim of this research was to identify the main changes that the addition of calcium lactate induces to rheological properties of dough, in industrial environment. In this regard, a number of 62 wheat flours, coming from Romanian wheat, were additivated with variable amounts of calcium lactate, ranging from 10 to 300 g/100 kg. Both the control flours and the additivated flours with calcium lactate have been evaluated in terms of rheology, using the alveographic method. The results showed that treatment with calcium lactate caused a very significant increase of following parameters: Resistance (P, mm; t= 4.864***), dough capacity to absorb Mechanical work (W, 10-4 J/gram; t = 6.990***) and the ratio between Resistance and Extensibility (P/L; t=7.174***). Elasticity parameter increased significantly in dough treated with calcium lactate, compared to control flours. Also, treatments with calcium lactate caused a very significant decrease of some parameters, such as: Extensibility (L, mm; t=-2.751**, and gluten extensibility index (G). There were significant correlations between the amounts of added calcium lactate and the modification of Resistance (r=0.66***), Extensibility (r=-0.56***) and the P/L ratio (r = 0.85***).

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