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Published in Scientific Bulletin. Series F. Biotechnologies, Vol. XXI
Written by Ovidiu IORDACHE, Iuliana DUMITRESCU, Floarea PRICOP, Elena VĂRZARU, Cornelia MITRAN, Andreea CHIVU, Steliana RODINO

In the present study, several microbial strains were isolated in pure cultures from wastewater treatment plant of Giurgiu Nord Technological and Industrial Park, from five withdrawal points along the treatment process: point A, as the entry point of total water content after textile technological processes; point B, after colloidal particles removal stage with Al2(SO4)3 coagulant; point C, after mechanical filtration, chemical treatment and sedimentation process stages, point D, from the water obtained after applying treatment technological stages, mixed with sewage water, plus point E, from the soil located in the vicinity of the treatment plant, characterized by high microbial load. Four semisynthetic agarized nutritive media (PDA, MA, Czapek-Dox, Sabouroud), supplemented with 0.5% chloramphenicol for inhibition of certain bacterial species, were used for isolation of microbial load from the targeted samples. Highest microbial loads and variety were highlighted on plates isolated from soil (E samples), followed by A samples, B samples, and D samples, while C samples registered the lowest growth yield, possible due to inhibitory action of Al2- (SO4)3 coagulant. Morphological analysis of the obtained cultures revealed both filamentous fungi strains specific growth) and bacterial growth. Isolated strains will be used in further tests, as both inactivated and viable microbial biosorbents, for removal of specific wastewater pollutants from aqueous solutions.

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